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Jerry's Records

Jerry's Records | Pittsburgh, PA

The beloved original owner Jerry Weber retired in July, 2017.

Rolling Stone Magazine: "Sure, there are CDs, videos, old rock magazines and books, even 8-track tapes at this massive Pittsburgh store. But it's vinyl that really matters here: Close to a million pieces of 12-inch vinyl (and nearly as many 45s) are housed in Jerry's enormous space, running the gamut of genres: jazz, R&B, psychedelic rock, as well as more recent stuff. Bonus: Jerry's repairs record players, and sells used turntables as well. Double bonus: Whistlin' Willie's 78s, which opened earlier this year, is located right next door."

Needle to the Groove Fremont

Fremont, CA 94536, USA

Located in the Niles district, Needle To The Groove was founded by long time collector Daniel Bernal in early 2000s, started with his own collection of 30,000 records. The slogan is "offer the cleanest records in bay area".


Needle to the Groove San Jose

San Jose, California, United States

We opened Needle to the Groove - SJ in Downtown San Jose in the summer of 2014 with approximately 20,000 items in stock ranging from dusty exotic psychedelic LPs to minty random rap sleepers. Originally founded in Fremont, California by Daniel Bernal, Needle to the Groove brought in Allen Johnson a local collector, dj, producer, & marketing specialist to open in the center of the Silicon Valley.

Needle to the Groove San Jose @vinylworld